The future of online sports betting in India

Historically, there is a lot of evidence that gambling and betting have been a significant part of people’s lives. So much so, that gambling is at the centre of sacred texts like Mahabharata. There are frequent instances in fables and Panchtantra stories of kings and other court ministers playing “chausar” as a form of entertainment. 

Currently, in the modern world, sports betting industries come upto billions of dollars annually. There are a lot of countries that have legalised sports betting and added billions of dollars to their GDP by it. The UK is another one of those countries. Since it is legal in many other countries, and there are bookmakers operating online, a lot of enthusiasts gamble through those sources. This is because India follows a very different approach to sports betting. Let’s see what the future scope of sports betting in India is. 

The legal aspects 

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is an archaic law. It a law from the old, British era times and it places restrictions on certain activities. Under the law owning a gambling property, assisting in the operation of a gambling property, financing gambling activity, possessing gambling devices – all are considered crimes

Therefore, according to this law, sports betting in India is illegal. Despite that, the law accepts some games as “games of skill” and therefore allows betting on those activities. Rummy and Horse racing are considered legal in India from this point of view. 

The law does not say anything about virtual bookmakers or online casinos. As a result, most of the online organisations operating exist in this grey area of the law. This, however, indirectly makes online sports betting websites, casinos, websites that help Indian betting enthusiasts connect with international bookmakers – operate in a grey but a legal zone. 

What might happen in future 

  • More websites and better marketing 

The future definitely holds more bookmakers and online operators entering the scene. The Indian market is extremely lucrative, and it will be foolish to not capitalise on the high number of people who wish for more options, better games and higher payouts

If the industry becomes legal, you can also see more money being spent on marketing for the popularisation of these online gambling and betting portals. This will pump back more money in the economy and create more jobs. Even though marketing is still done online, with legalisation, it will only become more prevalent and more capitalist-driven as these companies would want more and more people to join.

  • More competition for bookmakers 

The future also seems to have more bookmakers and more online casinos to choose from. 

Some of the best cricket betting websites will not only see more features to be added but also more competition. That is a win-win for players in this country because they will have more options. In turn, more competition in this industry would lead to more promotions, more discounts and better deals for players! 

  • Live streaming or live betting set to increase 

There is no doubt that live streaming just adds to the charm of the experience, It feels more real, and a player would feel like he is a part of the play. As a result, the adrenaline kicks-in a little harder, and investment is on a larger scale. So, without a doubt, online sports betting portals and gambling websites like Indian Casino Online will invest more in live streaming. 

A very potent example of this is live poker. It is being enjoyed by everyone online and especially the HD live games. They add to the thrill, keep you on your feet and remind you of the actual experience. This is one aspect that shall be well exploited with different kinds of sports and gambling versions, as there are many enthusiasts for it.

  • Voice-activated betting apps 

Technology is taking over everywhere. There is artificial intelligence bringing about new versions and outlook at traditional careers and forms of business. There are robots being used in restaurants to serve food, there is vegan meat developing in factories across, and Alexa and Siri have become indispensable to our lives. In these times, how can we expect technology to not impact this industry as well?  According to experts, time will see voice activation devices being used to place bets. People won’t even have to move their mouse to click, or rather call someone. It will be a simple task, wherein you speak out loud, and you place your bets. It will be easier, quicker and the bettor will not have to miss the game. 

Bottomline – the continued growth of the industry 

Considering all the future turns that this industry might take, there is the only scope for growth here. And why not, it is the second-most populous country in the world! The citizens play cards in their houses, and there are small betting operations happening wherever there is any sport. India is typically a gold mine for any online operating bookmaker. So, imagine the revenues and the boost to GDP once all of this becomes legal. 

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