Betting on Kabaddi Online

    Kabaddi is a beloved sport in India, and most of us even grew up playing this game in our childhood and younger days. It is an official sport played at a professional level in many Asian countries.

    It may not be as popular as cricket or football, but it still has a huge following in India and other countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the UAE. The game itself is very physical and fun to play and a treat to watch for spectators.

    The popularity of Kabaddi has grown a lot in the past few years, so this sport has also made its way into the industry of sports betting in India. Many bookmakers now offer Kabaddi betting, especially targeted at India and Asian nations.

    If you enjoy sports betting, then getting started with Kabaddi is a great option as its popularity only continues to grow year by year. It also offers a less competitive environment compared to other globally popular sports such as cricket and football. If you are interested in betting on Kabaddi matches and tournaments, we have put up this guide where we cover all the details and about the sport and how you can bet on it.

    Where to Bet on Kabaddi

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    List of Kabaddi Leagues and Tournaments You Can Bet On

    Before you start betting on Kabaddi, you need to know about the different leagues and tournaments that are played professionally. Below is a list of all national and international Kabaddi tournaments that you can bet on.

    Kabaddi World Cup

    One of the biggest and most prestigious Kabaddi competition is the Kabaddi World Cup. About 20 nations take part in this competition which is held every few years.

    Asian Games

    Kabaddi is also one of the sports played in the Asian Games, where different teams from different countries compete for the top position and gold medal.

    Pro Kabaddi League

    Pro Kabaddi League is a national competition held in India, much like the IPL for cricket. It has become hugely popular in India and has garnered millions of viewers in the country.

    Super Kabaddi League

    Super Kabaddi League is the official league in Pakistan. It is a fairly new league, having started in 2018, but proven to be quite successful.

    Kabaddi Masters

    Kabaddi Masters is a Kabaddi tournament organized and held in the UAE. It is an international competition where teams from various countries participate in the title.

    European Kabaddi Championship

    The popularity of Kabaddi is slowly reaching out to European countries as well, which led to the launch of the European Kabaddi Championship in 2019. It is a continental tournament where only European nations can participate and compete with each other.

    These are the main Kabaddi leagues and tournaments that you can bet on. The Pro Kabaddi League obviously being the most popular betting option for Indian bettors.

    Betting Odds in Kabaddi in India

    The betting odds in Kabaddi work exactly the same way as they do in other sports. For any given match, the odds are assigned to each team as well as for a draw. These odds are numbers that represent the probability of the result. The team with fewer odds is more likely to win, and the team with higher odds is less likely to win. When you bet on any team, and if they win, your winnings will be the product of your bet amount times the odds.

    If you play it safe and bet on a team with a higher chance of winning, your winnings will be low. But if you take a risk and bet on a team with a slim chance of winning or is considered the weaker team and they do end up winning the match, your payout from the bet will be much bigger.

    Types of Bets for Kabaddi in India

    Now let’s look at the different types of Kabaddi bets you’ll find on different sportsbooks.

    Match Betting

    As with most sports, match betting is where you bet on the outcome of a single match as to which team will win or if the match will end up in a draw.

    Outright Betting

    Outright betting is where you bet on which team will be the final winner in a series or tournament. Since you have to bet on just one team out of many options, odds for such bets are usually higher.

    First and Second Half Points

    This is a type of bet where you have to predict the score for either one or both halves of the game. When you make a correct prediction for the overall score of the first and second halves, you’ll win the bet.

    Top Raider/Tackler

    You can also bet on which player will be the top raider or tackler in the game. Again, this is a wide guess where you’ll be betting on just one player from the entire set of two teams, so odds are higher for this type of bet.

    Live Bets

    Some bookmakers also offer live bets on kabaddi matches where you can place wagers during the match itself. It is more fast-paced than pre-match bets, and you can place bets based on how the match is unfolding.

    These are the standard betting markets you will find for Kabaddi, but there will be more options to place bets. Different bookmakers can set up various wagers such as the first team to reach a certain amount of points, over/under bets for both teams, scores by individual players, etc. The market for Kabaddi bets isn’t huge as games like cricket, but it’s still quite big and diverse, especially for Indian bettors.

    Useful Tips and Points to Consider When Betting on Kabaddi

    When it comes to betting on Kabaddi, here are some tips you should follow to have a better shot at making the right bets.

    • Follow the game thoroughly. Watch the different games, whether it’s the Kabaddi World Cup or the Pro Kabaddi League. Keep your eyes on various matches and players of the Kabaddi world. This will give you solid background knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of different teams and players.
    • Place most of the bets on leagues and games that you follow regularly. If you watch every or at least most of the matches in Pro Kabaddi League, that’s what you should be betting on. And if you have hardly watched any matches from the Super Kabaddi League, then there’s no point betting on it.
    • Keep tabs on past matches and results. Check the winning percentage of different teams and the head to head record of various teams against each other. Often, a particular team can perform consistently well against some teams and poor against others. That type of information will be really useful for future matches.
    • Betting on weaker teams can seem lucrative, as they have higher odds, which results in bigger winnings. But there’s also a higher risk factor involved. Don’t get carried away by bigger odds and payouts. It’s good to bet on the weaker teams sometimes, but only when you have a credible reason to believe that they have a shot at winning.

    Finding the Best Online Sportsbook for Kabaddi Betting

    Most of the top online bookmakers operating in India, such as 10Cric and Bet365, are offering Kabaddi betting on their sportsbooks. So, it can be confusing to decide which one you should go for. Here are a few tips that can help you decide:

    • Always be on the lookout for the best odds. Go through different operators and compare the odds they offer. Do this now and then as the odds are never constant and keep changing.
    • Look for sportsbooks that have the best welcome bonuses for new customers.
    • Do some online research and go through user reviews to know which operators have excellent customer service and the most convenient payment methods. Some betting sites also support the UPI payment system, which is one of the best options for Indian customers, so such sites are worth consideration.


    Kabaddi is an entertaining game to play and watch, and just as much exciting to bet on. Now that we have explained to you the various tournaments for Kabaddi, how odds work, and what markets you can bet on, you should be able to start betting on the sport with all that info. And as with any form of gambling, we advise all our readers to gamble responsibly and treat it merely as a form of occasional entertainment.

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