Casino Bonus

No one loves casino bonuses as much as we do. Online casino bonuses make games much more fun to play, simply because you get the chance to play out bonus money for free! While it is quite difficult to successfully wager a casino bonus, the potential reward is high. There are hundreds if not thousands bonus offers available which vastly differ from each other. Several of these casino bonus offers can be activated on decent terms. Others are extremely hard to wager and should be avoided.

If you want to be able to distinguish between good and bad casino bonus offers, we advise you to closely read the information discussed below. We tell you everything about casino bonus offers, terms and conditions and the differences between the various types of offers.

What kind of casino bonuses are there?

Online casinos have made up all different kinds of names to make casino bonuses more attractive. There are even bonus offers that are only available on certain times on specific games. In order to shine some light on these offers, we tell you more about the most popular offers out there.

Deposit bonus

One offer you will definitely come across, is the deposit bonus offer. This offer can be activated when you register a new account at a casino. The height of the bonus differs a lot between casinos. Some casinos offer deposit bonuses up to 400% while others stay around 100%. When you deposit 10000 Rupees in your casino account and activate the  100% deposit bonus, you should get another 10000 Rupees in bonus money.

You can only use a deposit bonus once for each casino. If you try to active a deposit bonus at a casino you have visited before, your account will probably be closed within hours.

Mobile casino bonus

Another frequently used casino bonus is the mobile casino bonus. This bonus can only be activated if you choose to visit an online casino from a mobile device. It doesn’t matter if this is your tablet or smartphone. The only requirement is that you visit the casino from a mobile device and that you have not used this specific bonus before.

The mobile casino bonus is, on average, less interesting than the deposit bonus. Most mobile casino bonuses feature some version of free spins on a specific slot that has been developed for mobile devices.

Free spins bonus

A casino bonus that most players seem to favor over the deposit bonus, is the free spins bonus. To use this bonus you do not have to deposit anything. After activating the bonus, you immediately receive a certain amount of free spins that can only be used on a specific slot.

These free spins bonuses are equipped with an average of 10 to 20 spins. Unfortunately, the terms of these so-called free spins bonuses are pretty strict which lowers the possibility of successfully unlocking them. This is because the money you win while using the free spins can only be withdrawn after you’ve met all terms and conditions. This is likely to include a pretty hefty wagering requirement of at least 30 to 40 times your bonus.

No Deposit casino bonus

But the casino bonus that beats every other bonus, has to be the no deposit bonus. This bonus is available for players that haven’t even deposited at a casino before. But the terms are extremely strict, so it will take a decent amount of time and luck to successfully wager this bonus.

You often start with a small no deposit casino bonus of a few thousand Rupees. This bonus can then be used on a selected number of games, such as video slots and table games. The terms and conditions often require of you to play the bonus offer at least 30 to 40 times around. If you would get a bonus offer of 2000 rupees, you need to wager the full amount 40 times, or 80000 bonus Rupees on table.

Referral bonus

A rare but rewarding casino bonus offer is the referral bonus, that might award you much more bonus money on better terms than with any other bonus offer. In order to use the referral bonus, you however should first refer another player to the casino. Only after that player has successfully deposited money into his or her account, you will receive the referral bonus. Referral bonuses can be anywhere from a few thousand to more than ten thousand Rupees.

Terms and conditions

In order to be allowed to withdraw the money won out of the bonus offer you just activated, you have to meet all terms and conditions a bonus offer is subject to. Most casino bonus offers are subject to a very long list of requirements, which makes casino bonus offers a lot less interesting.

There are however hundreds of casinos competing for your attention and they all want you to register at their casino. That means that casinos might use friendlier requirements to lure you into their online gaming halls.

The most popular casino bonus offers are therefore more likely to have friendly terms. It is smart to be aware of how to meet these terms.

Wagering requirement

Every casino bonus requires you to play the bonus amount around for a certain number of times. This number is likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 times. This means that you have to risk the full bonus amount 30 to 40 times. If you immediately quadruple your bonus it will be much easier to meet this requirement. But if you can’t seem to win anything, it will be extremely hard to completely unlock this bonus offer.

Minimum deposit

Deposit bonuses frequently demand that you deposit a certain amount of money. If you do not deposit enough, you won’t get access to the deposit bonus.

Time requirement

A lot of casino bonuses are subject to a time requirement. This time requirement can be anywhere from 7 to 90 days, but can also be unlimited. You only have this period to try to successfully pocket the bonus money.