Credit Card

You can buy anything you want, online and offline, with your credit card. Whether it’s an apple or a private jet. That shiny card, which nowadays can be metal or plastic, is able to buy you anything as long there is enough credit space available. If you want to play for real money in an online casino you can use that precious card to deposit money in your account.

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    Depositing money in your casino account through a credit card is one of the easiest methods to do so. For many players making a credit card deposit is nothing new. According to various researches most players already choose credit cards as their primary method. But what are the benefits to using a credit card in an online casino? And what should you look out for?

    We’ll take you through everything you need to know about using a credit card in an online casino.

    Credit cards have been around for a long time

    We have been able to pay for nearly half a decade with the traditional credit card. Pioneers such as MasterCard and Visa enabled us many years ago to buy now and pay later through this magical card called credit card. Buying on credit was something people had never done before. It used to be normal to only buy something if you would have the cash on hand. With the introduction of the modern credit card, you suddenly could buy anything you want without having the cash ready.

    Nowadays people all over the world have access to one or more credit cards. They can use their credit card to buy clothes, groceries but also to play in an online casino. Indian casino visitors can play any game they want, for real Rupees, by depositing Rupees in their casino account first.

    Credit cards are often the safest payment method

    If you want to play in an online casino and deposit money in your account, you should always choose the payment method you feel most comfortable with. This is likely to be the safest method too, since you know what steps to take and what mistakes to avoid.

    That is also why players like yourself are interested in using a credit card to deposit. Popular credit card companies such as MasterCard, VISA and American Express have extremely safe transaction infrastructures that ensure you of a safe transaction.

    All transactions are built on an encrypted layer to ensure secure transactions. Your data can’t be read by any outside party besides the credit card company itself. The online casino only gets a ‘ping’ that says whether or not the money you’ve sent has been received by the casino. It is impossible for anyone to take a peek in your credited details, such as your security code or credit card number.

    You can play at any casino with your credit card

    The three most popular credit card companies (MasterCard, VISA and American Express) are all three widely available at Indian casinos. These three companies offer a safe transaction process which we described above.

    A large majority of foreign and Indian banks work with either MasterCard or VISA to offer a credit card. This means that even though the name of your bank is missing in the list of deposit methods, you can still use it since it is supported by either VISA or MasterCard.

    How can you deposit with a credit card?

    But how can you actually deposit money with a credit card in your online casino account? Well, that’s quite easy. If you already have a casino account, you only have to head over to the deposit screen. There you should find either VISA, MasterCard or any other big credit card company listed. After you’ve clicked your credit card supplier, you only have to fill in your credit card details (name, credit card number, expiration date, security code and the amount you want to deposit). If you’ve followed these steps and have enough credit on your credit card left, you should receive the requested funds within seconds.

    Some online casinos charge a small transaction fee on every deposit or withdrawal done with a credit card. This highly differs for each casino. You can always check this up front.

    How can you withdraw with a credit card?

    Besides depositing money in your casino account with a credit card, you can also withdraw money from your account to your credit card. This usually takes a few days longer since the casino manually checks all outgoing transactions. There should be an average of 1 to 2 days between the moment you’ve submitted your withdrawal and the moment you receive the funds on your credit card balance.

    Keep your credit card details safe

    Whether you decide to use your credit card at an online Indian casino or local retail shop: you should always keep your credit card safe. If someone decides to steal your credit card they often can steal (some) of the funds on it without entering a pincode. The only information they need can be found on the credit card itself.

    When you are using your credit card to pay in an online casino, we advise you to never safe the credit card details in your browser. Always click on ‘do not remember my credit card details’. It is also smart to only use your credit card to deposit money in an online casino when you are playing on a private WiFi-network. Using a public WiFi-network that anyone can access might result in the theft of your credit card details.

    What you should look out for when playing in an online casino with a credit card

    There are several downsides to using a credit card as a means of payment, especially when you’re in an online casino. The first and most important downside is something that would appear as a benefit but for some players can result in something else. The short transaction process, which can be activated with just a few clicks, can result in depositing more money than you’re willing to play with.

    Some online casinos have made it extremely easy to deposit through your credit card when you’re likely to run out of your casino funds. You only have to click on ‘Yes’ to top up your casino balance. This can be a problem if you tend to lose yourself a bit during gambling.  If you want to prevent this from ever happening you can always set deposit limits which block this ‘fast deposit method’.

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