Skrill was an unknown for many years. The provider of electronic wallets was for many what could a solution to an often-heard problem. Secure payments online where something that everyone was thinking about but no one was sure of. Everyone knew that one solution was to have a service that wouldn’t lead back to the user at all. All that could be found on that solution was a deposited balance but not your entire bank account or credit limit. Skrill solved this by providing access to its e-wallet for all interested users.

This page is completely dedicated to explaining Skrill and its features to everyone interested in using Skrill as a deposit method. Because we understand that switching to a new payment method is a big think, we extensively review Skrill and try to take all benefits and downsides of the e-wallet into account.

What is an e-wallet?

Before we dive into Skrill, we want to explain what an e-wallet actually is. As some may know, an e-wallet is something different than an ordinary bank transfer or credit card deposit.

An e-wallet is a digital wallet that is hosted by an independent party. The e-wallets can only be used to receive and send money from. They do not offer interest on balances and can only send what’s on the account.

If you want to use your e-wallet to play in an online casino, you first have to send money from your bank account or credit card to this wallet. This can be done through a deposit interface which is built-in to the e-wallet provider. You can deposit any amount you want, as long as your initial account has enough funds.

In case of Skrill, it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes for your deposit to appear in your Skrill e-wallet. If you for example deposited 5000 Rupees, you should have an extra 5000 Rupees to your balance now.

You can use those 5000 Rupees to do a lot of things. You can buy stuff online or deposit it on your Indian online casino account. If you choose to do the latter, you can, often for free, deposit through Skrill.

What are the benefits of Skrill?

Most of the benefits of Skrill are equal to the benefits of e-wallets in general. E-wallets have been audited as one of the most secure ways of transferring money. Skrill and its competitor Neteller have been widely regarded as the two-best e-wallets. It’s therefore likely that the security of both e-wallets might just be a notch better than many alternatives.

Since Skrill is a preferred method of many online casinos, you’re almost aways reimbursed for the transaction fees. Nearly all online casinos we checked that offer Skrill as a deposit method did not charge any transaction fees.

Another major benefit of using Skrill is its speed. When you want to deposit money in your casino account you don’t want to be waiting any longer than necessary. You are probably ready to play your favorite games. Some transaction methods however take a lot more time than others. Fortunately, Skrill is one of the deposit methods that’s been tested as being lightning fast.

Deposits made through Skrill only take a few seconds before they appear in your casino account. This is especially useful when you want to top up your casino balance while playing casino games. If you know that your account is going to be out of funds in the next round, you can, while the wheels are still spinning, top up your account.

Finally, you should be aware that, in the worst-case scenario, thieves only have access to your Skrill balance. Most players choose to keep their Skrill as low as possible. If it’s high enough, they will always withdraw it back to their bank accounts. This way you can be sure of a safe Skrill account without limiting yourself to using other deposit methods.

Withdrawing with Skrill

There comes a time where you want to withdraw your winnings from the casino. You’ve been fairly successful and you are looking to cash-in. Some withdrawal methods take a very long time. And with very long, we mean a withdrawal time frame of at least three days.

Skrill is one of the few deposit methods that sports a withdrawal timeframe that should be around a day. If your account has not been verified yet, you might be required to first verify your identity. But if your account has already been verified, you should have no problem using Skrill to withdraw your funds.

Which (Indian) online casinos accept Skrill?

Online casinos that offer players the possibility to deposit through the Skrill e-wallet are common. In Europe and India most online casinos have listed Skrill as one of the deposit methods. You don’t have to be afraid that when you deposit through Skrill possible restrictions might occur. You can play any game you want for any limit, whether you deposited through Skrill or any other deposit method.

There are several online casinos we would advise when you’re searching for a casino that offers Skrill. The best-known casino to offer Skrill is Dunder, one of the biggest online casinos of Europe. An excellent alternative with a focus on sports betting is Betway, which hosts over 20.000 betting markets. If you are however searching for a traditional online casino where you can deposit money through Skrill, we suggest you to either visit Casumo or Casino Cruise.

Do I have to pay to create a Skrill account?

We occasionally receive the question whether or not you have to pay to register a Skrill account. We’ve got some great news for you here too: you don’t have to pay anything to create a Skrill e-wallet. All you have to do is fill out some digital forms and you can start using your Skrill account!