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IndianCasinoOnline was founded in 2019 by two individuals (Sushant and Feroz) that wanted to provide Indian players with their honest opinion on the online casino world. They analyzed every small thing in the online casino, paying particular attention and scrutinizing the different functions, details, and payment methods of online casinos.  

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    Our Purpose

    The primary purpose of this website is to educate and enlighten people, removing the fear of casinos instilled in many people. This website wants to make people understand that casinos are fun when you play responsibly. This website looks at the best casinos in India. This website also focuses on new casinos, sports betting, casino games, casino bonuses and payment methods. This website has done in-depth research to bring the best and most detailed information to its users. 

    Where To Start 

    The first step to playing at online casinos in India is researching which sites are the best and finding out if they offer the games you enjoy. One of the most critical elements to starting your online gaming adventure is to register. The registration process requires you to do the following: 

    1. Visit the site that you prefer and register. Finding a site is simple. Your main concern should be about what you expect from the site. Look out for your favourite games. Check on the time it takes to withdraw the money into e-wallets and banks. Also, check the site’s credibility. . You shouldn’t register or send money to any unlicensed site. 
    2. To choose a safe username. Making sure that you do not use a common nickname as your username. You should not use your first name, school, college name, date of birth, address, the town that you live in, or your mobile number. Choose something unique and avoid using profile pictures; instead, use an avatar. Always use a very strong password. 
    3. All online gaming sites always ask their customers to verify their personal information given in the registration process. Usually, sites will ask for the following information: 
      • Passport, identification card, or driving licence.
      • Bank statement.
      • Credit or debit card.
      • Screenshot of your electronic wallet.
      • Utility bill.

    To avoid problems when you withdraw, always use your real information. 

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    Sushant Banik
    Sushant Banik

    I have always enjoyed writing, and during my university years I became very interested in gambling. I read many posts and realized that they are all missing something. That's why I write the best content for Indiancasinoonline.