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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the services at IndianCasinoOnline and make sure the content has been understood. Together with the Privacy Policy, these Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and IndianCasinoOnline. The information provided on https://www.indiancasinoonline.com/ (“the website”) may not be used for any fraudulent activities.

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    These are the terms and conditions that will apply when using our website. This site is an independent information service and gambling directory which provides gambling expertise and the most comprehensive informational experience for players. If there are any changes to our terms, you will be informed. If you don’t agree to be bound by these terms, please do not use this website’s services. 

    Use Of Information Available On The Website 

    When you decide to use the website, note that:

    • This website exists to provide information and educate people within India on gambling and online casinos.
    • This website does not provide any online gambling services; it is solely for educational purposes.
    • Any information on this website shouldn’t be taken as legal advice.
    • There are many links to external websites, and this website takes no responsibility for the content contained in those websites. Clicking on an external link will simply redirect you to another website bound by its own terms and conditions. 
    • Some information on this website is subject to copyright.
    • Material on this website can be in the form of pictures, audio, text, etc. 
    • We claim all intellectual property rights regarding our property. 
    • This website will give no intellectual property licences of any sort to users, so as a user you cannot republish our content. 


    Before using the site please read the disclaimer carefully.  

    • All content will be used at your own risk, and this website takes no responsibility for any related consequences regarding the use of the page or third-party content. 
    • You warrant that you are of legal age to use this content.
    • All information on this website is to supply information and reviews on online casinos, and relevance, suitability of information is subjected to personal review.
    • This website can be used for free, and the site is not responsible for any form of intellectual property restrictions and conditions. 
    • This website does not guarantee compatibility with any device and software and any other possible conditions subject to existing laws at the local, national, and international level. 
    • In addition to disclaimers, this website makes no representation or warranty, whether implied or express, that the information or files available on this website are free from viruses, malware, spyware, commercial ware, or any other sort of potentially malicious code, quality, or accuracy. 
    • The information contained in the website is entirely used at the user’s own risk. Therefore the user accepts full responsibility for any risks that result from its use. This website will not be liable for any damages incurred from the use of the website and its information. 

    Limitations Of Liability

    The limited liability on the website undertakes that: 

    • The user agrees that they fully understand the responsibilities that may arise when using the website.
    • All terms are executed in India and are subject to India’s laws and regulations. 


    • Under the relevant legislation and the jurisdiction mentioned above, this website claims all due rights to contract severability.
    • Any limitation, stipulation, exclusion, provision, or regulation contained within these prohibited or voided terms shall be ineffective without affecting any other part or provision.  
    • Any legal provision or means of recourse that prohibit or affect in any way this website and the user both agree to waive any legal provision or means of recourse that prohibits or affects in any way the validity and enforceability of these terms, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

    Declarations Of Exclusive Rights

    • The website will not engage in any content which may violate the applicable law and best practices. 
    • If there is any conflict between the website and any user, the user shall communicate such conflict through the website’s contact us page.
    • The website reserves the right to reply within 24 hours in the case of discrepancies, inaccuracies in the information therein.

    Other General Provisions

    • This website reserves the full right of admission. This website can deny a user the use of and access to the website and its content.
    • Any potential oversight, mistake, error, problem, or negligence on the part of this website, real or perceived by any user, can be reported on this website

    For other questions, contact us using the Contact Us section.

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