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E-Sports is a fast-growing aspect of the online gambling industry. With the rise of international video-game tournaments, the betting on such events seems to flourish. In this guide, we are happy to show you the basics, tips and tricks for Indian players looking to bet on E-Sports!

    E-Sports betting has become the norm of the day. Esports betting is a new way of sports betting that had a slow pace. But today it has picked up and gained a lot of traction. The growth has been gradual but has become incredibly great. The betting market has estimated more than 100,000 rupees in 2020. With the perspective that esports betting is still not yet popular,  the value it has indeed created would be better appreciated.

    The fanbase of cricket, football, or tennis cannot be compared to that of esports. Regardless, esports is still thriving and, in a few years, would gain the popularity it deserves. E-sports is recognized in the Indian betting market. Indians live for E-sports betting.

    For Indians who are completely new to esports, in a few paragraphs, we would help you understand all you need to know about esports. Now, e-sports is a short way of saying electronic sports that involve competitive gaming. In simple words, it is various players competing against each other on a video game.

    Now, you would realize that this has always been in existence. Teenagers in India have always played video games together, thereby competing against each other. These have been happening since the invention of the gaming console and also computers.

    In the past, players could only compete against one another in the same room.. but that is different today due to the advances in technology. Players can play against one another from different parts of India. A large percentage of Indians take part in e-sports, this tells how widely accepted the game is becoming.

    E-sports betting gaining more ground. From Indian to the rest of the world, it is becoming an option for betters. Also, due to the availability of betting platforms, every player can take part in e-sports.

    Best E-sports Betting Sites In India

    The best betting sites in India for e-sports are numerous; however, we would put out a few of them here. From these sites, any player can begin an esports journey. These sites include:

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    As an Indian player that wants to have a good experience on esports betting, these casinos are the finest ones to signup on. Take your gaming experience to the next level when you bet with these casinos.

    E-Sports Betting India - Large stadium with many players on computers

    Betting On E-sports

    Many casino players have lost real cash because they placed bets on games they did not understand.  Most people love sports like poker, but not everyone is capable of playing it. Yet, players still choose to play despite not knowing the rules, and they end up losing money. However, with different betting options, players can find a niche for themselves and do well.

    Games like FIFA are interesting to bet on. Do you play or love FIFA? You can bet on it. With esports betting, there is no limit to what a play can win because betting on a game you know how to play would make it easy for you to predict the outcome. That is one reason why Indians are so much in love with esports betting.

    E-sports Options

    E-sports games that can be played in any online casino include;

    • League of legends (LOL)
    • FIFA 20
    • DOTA2
    • CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

    How Does Esports Betting Work

    There is no big difference between esports betting and regular online sports betting. With e-sports betting, you can bet on the possible outcome of a match; goals scored, individual achievement, and many other aspects. The little difference is that the beta is being placed on sports played online, and the bets are placed via online gaming and betting platforms.

    However, to place a bet, each player must first have an account. An account can easily be created for a player who doesn’t have an account before this time. Such an account can therefore be linked to a bank account. There are always various payment options that are available to make use of in funding your account. Interestingly, most of these betting sites listed above accept rupee payments.

    Types Of Esports Bets.

    Just like other types of betting, esports has different kinds of bets. Also, the bets in a particular sport might be different from the bets in other sports. However, you must understand they bets properly before you make a selection. There is no need to be hasty about this decision.

    New players are always advised to start with small bets. This would help them build up momentum, and they won’t be affected if they lose a bet. Engaging in a big bet as a new member could damage your confidence if you lose the bet. In the long run, the player might give up on betting.

    How Do You Choose A Site To Bet?

    There are a couple of features that you should look at before you stick or sign up at an online casino. These factors are very vital to your betting career. For instance, how a casino responds to complaints by players is one attribute that keeps the players at that site. Failure to manages these excesses would be a stain on that casino.

    Other features that should be on the lookout is the payment methods. A good casino should have various options for depositing or withdrawing funds. Also, such a casino should accept various currencies like the Indian rupee currency. Casinos that accept the Indian rupee currency would have a tin of Indian players trooping in.

    Casino bonuses and promos, security, types of bets available are other factors that should be considered before picking a site. These are some of the attributes you should look out for in a casino. Although,  every player knows the kind of casino they would love to bet with.

    E-Sports Betting in India - Computer games being played indoors

    E-sports Betting Tips

    Some tips would help a player make the best bet. These tips are more of guidelines to follow while you place a bet.

    • Ensure to follow the real tournament. Know the teams and also the players. With this insight, you can always know what each player or team is capable of doing.
    • Keep a record of everything. Wins, Losses, and draws. They can always be referenced for other games.
    • Pay attention to the team roasters, updates, changes, and formation.
    • Avoid betting the full amount when the games start.

    All these tips or strategies are built on proper research. Ensure you take betting seriously and take out time to do proper research to place the best bet always.

    In summary, Esports betting is a new type of betting that has gradually become the ideal betting deal for every Indian player. It is new, safe, and easy to bet on. Here, you don’t need to constantly bet in games like poker that you might not be familiar with. This gives you the platform to bet in games that you have played from a young age, such as FIFA.  Every child in Indian has some skills in FIFA.

    The choice of a good casino is key to having an incredible gaming experience.  A good casino offers bonuses that players can leverage to make the best out of each deposit made. Always watch out for bonuses and promos as you place bets on a site. These casinos always make provisions for them to aid betting continuously on their website

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