Andar Bahar

    If there is one reason which keeps a lot of folks away from card games, it is complexity of rules. This is exactly where Andar Bahar easily trumps most other card games, due to its sheer simplicity.

    First up, it would be useful to understand the name of the game here. In Hindi, ‘Andar’ means “inside” while ‘Bahar’ means “outside.” Thus, effectively, the game is simply all about being “Inside” or “Outside”, or perhaps even more simplistically, “In” or “Out”.

    We will explain the implications of this in greater detail, in the sections to follow.

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    Andar Bahar largely traces its origins to southern India, more specifically the city of Bangalore, which in local parlance is known as Bengaluru.

    Herein, the game is claimed to have been played over a very long period of time, some even claiming that it has been around for centuries.

    Over this entire period, the basic premise of the game has not changed; it is simply about being either “in” or “out”, viz. ‘Andar’ or ‘Bahar’.

    How to play Andar Bahar

    Playing Andar Bahar is really very simple.

    Start off by taking one single deck of cards. From this, the dealer takes a single card and places it at the centre of the table with its face up.

    Subsequent cards are then dealt by the dealer, either to the left of the table – which is called ‘Andar’, or to its right, which is referred to as ‘Bahar’.

    The aim here is really very simple – to match the value of cards being dealt, with the one already placed at the centre of the table. Once that happens, the game effectively comes to an end.

    Is there an element of skill involved here?

    This is a frequent question which is asked about the game of Andar Bahar; is there really an element of skill involved here?

    Well, quite bluntly, it is negligible, if any.

    Yes, if the deck of cards has been rigged in any way – or if the dealer (or one or more of the players) is already aware of the cards in the pack, and their placement, then it is possible to manipulate one’s way through the game.

    Of course, that will still not be a showcase of skill.

    Therefore, one can safely conclude that when it comes to the Indian card game of Andar Bahar, there is virtually no skill involved.

    Legality of Andar Bahar Online

    You might recall the Information Technology Act of 2000, India which does place a reasonable amount of emphasis on the extent to which a game involves skill or not.

    As we pointed out in the previous section, there is very little skill involved in Andar Bahar online.

    So, does that render the Indian card game illegal?

    The answer is no, it does not.

    How, do you ask? Well, when we play Andar Bahar online, in most instances, you will find that the platforms hosting card games like Andar Bahar tend to be located outside of India.

    This has a big impact on legality since the jurisdiction of Indian laws and diktats is typically limited to territorial India, and not outside of it.

    Accordingly, if you have a chance to indulge yourself in the fascinating Indian card game of Andar Bahar online, we recommend that you grab it with both hands, remaining ‘Andar’ or ‘in’ the skin of the game!

    Playing Andar Bahar

    As we have repeatedly asserted on this page, playing Indian Andar Bahar is certainly a breeze.

    Some steps to follow include the following:

    1. Have the dealer deal a solitary card from the pack in question, placing it at the centre of the table.
    2. Subsequent deals have to be made either Andar or to the left, and Bahar or to the right.
    3. As a player yourself, you have to choose the side you are on, right up front, viz. whether you are Andar or Bahar.
    4. From here on, it is quite simple since the sole focus is to match the value of the card at the centre of the table. So, for instance, if you have a 9 of Clubs at the centre, as soon as another 9 is drawn (irrespective of its suit), the game is over.
    5. If this winning match comes from the side you are on, then you win. If it comes from the opposing side, then of course, it is the opponent who ends up on the winning side.

    Note about Order in which Cards are drawn

    You might find this interesting; in the Indian card game of Andar Bahar, the order in which cards are drawn actually matters.

    Don’t let this ruling intimidate you; it is merely about the suit colour from which cards emerge as they are drawn.

    Specifically, red coloured suit cards, which would either be Diamonds or Hearts, are dealt from the right (Bahar) while black coloured ones which would be Clubs or Spades, are dealt from the left (Andar).

    Popularity of Andar Bahar Online

    Andar Bahar online is no doubt catching up quite fast.

    Today, you will find a variety of different online platforms offering the Andar Bahar card game among the overall portfolio of games on offer.

    Rest assured, if it happens to be an Indian online casino – or at least one which does have an Indian audience with different kinds of Indian games on offer (like cricket for example, which is particularly popular among Indians), then chances are very good that Andar Bahar would also be there among the games available.

    Among many reasons for this, it again boils down to the simplicity of Indian Andar Bahar, something that we have emphasized upon throughout this page.

    Andar Bahar Bets

    Indian Andar Bahar involves bets of various kinds that include:

    • Bets on how long it will take to find a card of matching value. Such bets can be placed both on the time it will take as well as the number of cards that will be dealt till a card of matching value is dealt.
    • Bets on which suit of cards will be dealt with each hand.
    • Bets on how many cards will be dealt in all, over the entire course of the game.

    Essentially, as you can gauge, there are virtually limitless possibilities as far as Andar Bahar bets go.

    Andar Bahar Strategies

    Can an Indian card game like Andar Bahar which is so “chancy” in nature, also have strategies in place – which when put into practice, can help you win the game?

    Well, the answer is yes; you can indeed have some intuitive strategies in place, to heighten your chances of winning.

    • Look at past precedence

    If you begin to study past games, you will invariably notice a pattern in terms of the time it took to ultimately find a card of matching value.

    You can analyse these patterns and then place your wagers accordingly.

    • Suits with higher probability of offering cards with matching value

    Again, you will find trends indicating a higher likelihood of a particular suit offering cards with matching value.

    You can use these trends to place bets accordingly, knowing that a particular suit will more likely throw up the matching value card in your game.

    As you play Andar Bahar online, you will discover more such Andar Bahar strategies which you can put into practice.


    The Indian card game of Andar Bahar is a truly fascinating masterpiece, which is not only very simple to play; it also offers exciting rewards to players who wage on it.

    Remember that once you get onto Indian online casinos, you will find Andar Bahar commonly offered, with a variety of bets that you can place with ease.

    We recommend starting slow with small bets; as you learn the ropes and start to win comfortably; you can consider increasing your stakes.

    This is really the “winning formula” that you can put into practice in your Andar Bahar online initiatives!

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