The most commonly used mobile payment method in India, UPI, is also used widely on India-facing online casinos. Here we will explain how to open an account and use it to play and bet online.

    United Payment Interface, more popularly known as UPI, was first introduced in 2016 by the National Payments Corporation of India. UPI is a mobile application that has been designed to eliminate the need for users to enter sensitive bank details each time they make a transfer. UPI has been connected to all of the major banks of India, as well as 140+ commercial banks, which means that users can easily transfer money from one bank account to the other in just a few simple clicks. Even though this payment method is relatively new, UPI is now one of the most popular payment methods in the country today.

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    Of course, UPI is now being offered as a payment method in almost every online casino in India. If you were wondering how to use this method to make deposits and withdrawals at your online casino, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

    UPI Payment at Indian Online Casinos

    How To Use UPI On An Online Casino

    UPI is one of the most popular methods of transactions that Indian players use at online casinos today. The reason it is so popular is because of how easy it is to make transactions. Here are the methods you need to follow to make deposits with UPI at online casinos:

    • Log in to your online casino account and go to the “Deposit” option.
    • Select UPI to make your deposit.
    • Enter the amount that you wish to deposit into your account.
    • Click on “Deposit” or “Confirm.”
    • You will then need to enter your VPA (Virtual Payment Address), also known as your UPI ID. For this, head on over to your UPI app.
    • Go to your profile and copy your UPI ID.
    • Go back to your online casino and paste your UPI ID into the space provided.
    • You will then receive a request from your online casino on your UPI app to make a payment.
    • Head back to your UPI app and open up the request.
    • Click on “Pay”
    • Enter your PIN.
    • Wait a few seconds until your transaction is complete. Head back to your online casino account and check to see whether you have received your funds or not. Remember that it might take some time for your funds to get reflected.

    Players must note that when using UPI to make withdrawals, you will need to complete a KYC (Know your customer) process. For this, you can submit any of the approved ID proofs and wait for your operator to approve your documents before you make withdrawals.

    Advantages Of Using UPI For Online Casino

    UPI is one of the most useful methods you can use when depositing funds or making withdrawals at your online casino. Some of the advantages that you will get with UPI are:

    • Instant transactions

    As an IMPS method (Immediate Payments Service method), UPI is known for providing super-fast transactions to users. Therefore, it might take just a few minutes to half an hour for your funds to reflect in your online account whenever you use UPI to make a deposit. Some casinos offer instant withdrawals with UPI as well.

    • Secure transactions

    Security is paramount whenever you are playing at an online gambling site. UPI offers players a highly secure method of payment. In fact, UPI is required to follow the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India and is also regulated by it, which means that it is a perfectly safe option for players.

    • Guaranteed privacy

    UPI upholds the privacy and confidentiality of its users to the tenth degree. This means that whatever information you provide to this payment service, you can rest assured that it will not be revealed to any third party.

    Benefits When Using UPI

    Most Indian players find that UPI is one of the most convenient methods of payment. This is because of the various benefits that UPI brings to players who use this online casino payment method. Some of these benefits are:

    • Ease-of-use

    UPI has been designed to make it super simple and easy for users to make transfers and transactions. Most UPI apps are equipped with an extremely user-friendly interface, which makes UPI a straightforward and effortless payment method.

    • No need to remember bank details

    UPI eliminates the hassle of remembering your bank account number, dates, codes, and so on. All you need to remember is your UPI ID, and you will be good to go!

    • Make transactions on-the-go

    Most players these days look for online casinos that offer an on-the-go casino experience as well. This means that mobile casino is an integral part of online gambling. The best way in which you can fund your account for mobile gambling would be to use UPI. Since this payment method is also app-based, it works well anytime, anywhere.

    • No fees

    UPI does not charge any transaction fees from its users. This makes it one of the cheapest methods of payment for online casinos. However, please note that some banks might charge Rs. 0.5 on each transaction. But even this is cheaper than other deposit methods.

    • Real-time settlements

    UPI allows users to make real-time settlements with their transactions, even at online casinos.

    • Easy complaints

    If you are experiencing any problems with your UPI, then you can easily raise complaints from your UPI app itself.

    How To Set Up Account With UPI

    Getting a UPI account for yourself is a walk in the park. Just follow the steps given below, and you can have your UPI account up and running in no time.

    • Download your bank’s UPI app from the Google Play Store or Apple Play store. You can even download apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe or Paytm if you wish to use those instead.
    • Select the language in which you prefer to use the app.
    • Enter your mobile number. Make sure to enter the same number that has been linked to your bank account.
    • Set a password for your app. This will be a 4-digit password that you will use to enter the app and authorize transactions.
    • Select whichever bank account you wish to make UPI payments with, and link it to your UPI.
    • You will then be required to set a PIN for your UPI. You can do this by providing the expiry date of your card and by entering the last 6 digits of your account number.
    • And that’s it! You now have a UPI account. You can now use UPI to make all your transactions at your online casino.

    Frequently Asked Questions About UPI

    UPI is an IMPS method, which means that transactions usually take place immediately. You will therefore be able to make instant withdrawals using UPI on most online casinos. However, you might experience a delay in some online casino up to 3 days.

    Yes, most casinos often put a cap on how much you can deposit using different payment methods. You will be able to get this information on the website. However, you must also remember that the limit to transactions made with UPI is Rs. 1 lakh per transaction.

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