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    Gambling Addiction

    For many people, gambling is entertaining; however, for others, it can become an addiction. Since this activity includes lottery tickets, raffles, playing casino games, sports betting and making bets with friends, it can be hard to tell when someone is facing a problem. So, it’s essential to know the definition of gambling addiction. It’s when someone gambles enough to cause financial issues, strain relationships, lose employment, or contribute to a health issue.

    There are also two types of addicts:

    • The first is the action gambler. This person enjoys beating the odds in skill-based games; they’re usually extroverted or arrogant.
    • The other type is the escape gambler. This gambler wants a distraction from their life; they’re typically introverted, unhappy, or lacking confidence.

    However, according to the Mayo Clinic, people who experience a gambling addiction indulge in compulsive activities to try and overcome a problem they’re facing.

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    The Cause of Gambling Addiction

    What causes someone to develop an addiction isn’t well-known. However, some factors can contribute to compulsive behaviors, such as desperation for money, wanting to feel a thrill, higher social status for being a successful gambler, and the entertaining atmosphere of casinos. 

    Unfortunately, this type of addiction can easily take hold of someone’s life, and it can be hard to get help. Someone with a severe gambling problem can become desperate to win back the money they lost, which continues the harmful cycle. Even if they win some money back, it often isn’t enough to cover their lost funds. 


    If you think you might have a problem, there are self-assessment quizzes you can take to determine how much of a hold gambling has on your life. Be honest with yourself, and if the results show you have an addiction, reach out for help, whether through a friend, family member, support group, doctor, or therapist.

    In addition, it’s crucial that you take advantage of the responsible gambling tools the casino offers. One of the most common features is limits on deposits, losses, wagers, and session times. If after using these tools you still have trouble, try out some software that will block any gambling sites and related ads.

    How to Get Help

    If you’re facing a gambling addiction, you must have support in your life so that you don’t relapse. That includes entering a treatment center or getting help from a licensed professional. In some of these programs, people can find cognitive behavioral therapy, a 12 step program, a support group, medication, and many more valuable tools. Any of the organizations below can help you take steps to recover from your addiction:

    Promoting Responsibility

    Casinos provide players with gambling limits to control deposit amounts, session lengths, loss amounts, and wagers. It’s easy to apply these boundaries to your account, and they’ll help prevent problematic gambling behaviours. 

    Some gambling platforms have a reality check that regularly tells you how long you’ve been gambling. A valuable addition to this tool is the time out feature that makes you take a break after a set time. In addition, you can add your name to the site’s self-exclusion list, which will prevent you from gambling for anywhere from one month to indefinitely.

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