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    What Are Cookies? 

    A web server creates cookies, also known as HTTP cookies, using small quantities of data while using the website. They are placed on the user’s computer or device and are used to facilitate future access to the website. More than one cookie can be placed on a user’s device during a browsing session while accessing the website.

    How To Control Cookies

    Cookies can be managed through your browser settings. Here is a guide for you to reset your cookie preferences on your computer. We look at different browsers. 

    Google Chrome

    • On your computer, open Chrome, then click more, then settings.
    • Under the header Privacy and security, click Cookies and other site data.
    • Select an option to allow all cookies or block all cookies.
    • Third-party cookies are blocked in Incognito mode


    • Click the Menu button and select Settings.
    • Select Privacy and security and click on the Cookies and site data section. 
    • Select the Manage Data button, and Manage Cookies and Site data appear. 
    • In the Search websites field, type the name of the website whose cookies you’d wish to remove. 
    • Click Remove All Shown to remove cookies and stored data for the website. 
    • In the Search websites field, type the name of the location whose cookies you would like to get rid of. Items that match your search are going to be displayed.
    • Click Remove All Shown to remove all cookies and storage data for the website.
    • Select an entry when removing a selected item and click Remove Selected, and click Save Changes.


    • Go to Settings.
    • Click Advanced and click Privacy & security.
    • Click Site settings.
    • Click Cookies and site data.
    • At the top, click Allow sites to save and read cookie data and turn the option on or off.

    Internet Explorer

    • In the browser toolbar, click the gear icon.
    • Choose Internet Options.
    • Click the Privacy tab, and then Settings, move the slider to select whether to turn on or turn off cookies. Then click OK.  


    • Open Settings.
    • Scroll down to select Safari.
    • In Privacy & Security, select Block Cookies.
    • Select Always Allow or Allow from Websites.

    How We Use Cookies 

    • This website uses cookies & other technologies to assist in recording non-personal statistical information, web analytics, and reach measurements. 
    • Cookies are text-only pieces of data that the location transfers to other website-browsing equipment and your disk drive. 
    • Cookies don’t give us personal data but allow us to serve ads relevant to users. 

    Our cookies policy is updated from time to time; you can find any changes on this page. 

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