New to gambling? Why not start with Baccarat?

If you wish to play Bond-level games and get the casino-style games’ real feel, Baccarat is the best game to go forward with. It is ideal for players who wish to play a casino game, but at the same time do not have the time to learn loads of jargon, rules, bet styles and playing strategies. Most of the happenings in a Baccarat game are predetermined, so players can mostly enjoy the game after a few bets and hand placing. 

Baccarat Paddle and Cards

Here is why playing online Baccarat at gambling casinos is a good idea:

  1. Most of the players usually get a few free plays online. As a result, despite knowing the rules and the bets, their first learning experiences likely involve a few mistakes. Those mistakes aren’t as costly online than offline, where you have to bet and wager for every game. 
  2. Online casino sites usually provide a perfect solution for boredom. As they do not have limited floor space, they can offer many varieties to the game of Baccarat. 
  3. There are all kinds of players online, placing all types of bets. You will be able to find players with similar betting style as yours in the online format. 
  4. While playing online, Baccarat cards are generated through a random number generator. This isn’t the case offline. Here, there is a set card deck from where cards are drawn, making it possible for players to guess which card can be removed. 

Baccarat Rules 

Just like a few games on the online casino sites, Baccarat is primarily dependant on luck. That is still no excuse for not knowing the game rules. So, here it is – 

  1. There are three types of bets, the banker’s hand, the player’s hand and the tie. You win if your bet matches the cards of the hand. 
  2. Hand value close to a total of 9 wins the round. 
  3. Two cards are dealt with the banker and the player. In a few situations, either one or both get a third card. 
  4. The ace card is counted as one. Face cards and tens are counted as zeros. All the other cards are considered on their face value. 
  5. In case there is a possibility that all digits are added up in the game, only final digits are considered. If it is coming out to be 13, it should be taken as 3. 

Reasons To Begin Your Gambling Journey With Baccarat. 

  • Big Online Bonuses 

One of the perks of playing Baccarat online is obviously the hefty online bonuses provided by India’s online gambling sites. Joining bonuses are usually given as a percentage of your investment. So, if the bonus is 200% of your investment, and you invest Rs. 500, you get Rs—1000 more. You can play longer and win more with the help of these bonuses. 

Another fantastic advantage is the price of the place. Placing bets online is significantly more pocket friendly than land-based casinos

  • Simple Strategy And Simple Play

As we have already seen with rules, understanding the game isn’t tough. The game comprises of straightforward and straight forwards rules that anyone can comply with.   

The best Baccarat strategy can be described in one line – always bet on the banker’s hand

Playing the banker’s hand, you do give away 5% of the commission to the casino, but even after that, the house edge is only 1.06%. The player hand has a house edge of 1.24%, which is comparatively more. 

The tie, as mentioned, has a much higher house edge of 14%. Taking the tie bet is the wrong strategy from the get-go. It is even higher than the house edge most slot machines offer. 

Baccarat Online Casino Win Banker

  • Low house edge 

Casino games are made to make profits for the casinos. All online casinos websites have a house edge for every game. The house edge refers to the percentage of every bet that the casino keeps with itself to add to its profits. Slot games have varied house edges. They can range from two to seven per cent and can even go up to ten per cent sometimes. 

Video poker and Blackjack are two games, where players can through strategy, reduce the house edge. To do that, players require sound knowledge and a perfect strategy. 

Baccarat, however, is probably the only game so dependant on luck and despite that offers a house edge lower than two per cent. The house edge on the player hand is 1.24% and on the banker’s hand 1.6%.  A lower house edge is what ensures your bankroll lasts longer and you can play for long. So, which game and which bet are you going for?


Baccarat is one of the easiest games that provide loads of entertainment. It also comes with a shallow house edge and almost zero strategies. This is why experts consider it the best game for beginners and anyone playing on a budget.

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